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Bilingual logotype

One of the most important reasons why I started teaching, was that I noticed the grave need to incorporate Indian typography exercises in academic curriculum in India. Most design schools in India ironically focus on western typography and graphic design, where as there is wide scope to work in the area of vernacular typography. There is a rich visual landscape of letterforms in India that is inspiring and I feel it is very important to introduce students to them.

As a part of my ongoing Typography module at the Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI) and Pearl Academy, Mumbai, I introduced an assignment to create bilingual logotypes. This exercise is a good way of developing sensitivity towards letterforms and shapes. The brief is to develop corresponding identities in any native Indian script of an existing Latin logo. The main intent is to not copy parts of Latin letterforms to create incompatible Devanagari ones, but to design a logotype that works harmoniously with it’s Latin counterpart.

While discussing these assignments with students, I ended up making a lot of sketches for various brands. All these are concept sketches made with a chisel tip marker and I had a lot of fun making these.

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