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Lettering Time

I recently had the good fortune of being (in the slightest of ways) associated with the most wonderful of book projects. Time After Time is a 304-page graphic novel by Kaisa & Christoffer Leka. Based on Indian mythology of the Dasavatara, seen through the eyes of a very busy mouse and a duck. Time After Time is the most intriguingly designed and marketed book I ever came across. Their website gives a glimpse of this magnificent project and some really amazing photography as well.bookcover

Kaisa and Christoffer wanted to take their book packages to the next level by making their own stamps! They had a collection of typographers worldwide to make these. I am deeply honoured to be a part of this group and even more so to own a copy of the book.


Erik van Blokland, Maria Doreuli, Dave Foster, Kimya Gandhi, Cyrus Highsmith, Robert Keller, Ben Kiel, Indra Kupferschmidt, David Ross, Nick Sherman, Florian Schick, Nina Stöessinger, Lauri Toikka, Wout Trippas, Teo Tuominen & Bernd Volmer have all created custom lettering for the stamps. They’ve been colored by the wonderfully patient Markku Mujunen.

What’s more interesting is that these letter paintings are on sale. Each letters is painted with gouache paint on 6 millimeter thick plywood and each piece measures approximately 180 x 180 millimeters. The paintings come with a certificate of authenticity, they are signed by Markku Mujunen and Christoffer and Kaisa, and the designer is credited for the original art.

So to all the type and book lovers, I totally recommend that you buy your copy! Along with the custom stamps and the beautiful packaging you get a vinyl single of the Dasavatara-stotram Time After Time is a visual delight! Right from the hand painted book title, wonderful illustrations to the book package; each detail is worth seeing and owning.

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