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Whenever I stroll down streets,

I see around
Settlements and lanes,
buildings so many,
Infinite windows there might be…

Into a solid wall
Of muted grey
Through which cars
glide skirting noiselessly
I secretly peep into,
Through a window,
I watch,

Windows are
for watching-
Square peices of life
Ever changing



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Aperitivo hour in Bologna 🥂 1. Aceto Balsamico older than me 
2. Parmigiano reggiano like nowhere else
3. Best gelato in town 
4. Best panino I've ever had
= an amazing day in Modena! A day in Parma – sipping rosè, eating 36 month old Parmigiano-Reggiano! Osteria Francescana❣️Maybe someday I'll go inside. Eggplant parmesano made me very happy :) Tortellini en brodo! So excited to be in Modena! Ciao world! At the @mumbai_typostammtisch #3! Thanks to everyone who came! No better way to spend a Saturday evening than with type and beer. (Thanks for the picture @ami_28) .
#motaitalic #youshouldliketypetoo #typographyindia #mumbaitypostammtisch3 #typenerd #typedesignmumbai #mumbaitypostammtisch3 is here! Come with your pencils and pens for some fun type cooking! To know more details follow @mumbai_typostammtisch

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