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The year that was 2012

This is such a delayed entry, I kept trying to finish it for so long. Finally I am posting this before the end of January.
It was a momentous year, 2012. Like every year there were things that happened that changed me, taught new life lessons. This year was far too important in those aspects, for I’ve smiled, laughed hysterically, travelled, awed, been scared, encouraged, endured, failed, cried, then cried some more hopelessly, then fixed myself and smiled again and worked pretty hard. Its been a roller coster ride of experiences that has brought me closer to understanding myself and people around me. As the year 2013 is here and we’ve survived the Mayan fate, here is a glimpse of the year that was 2012 and wishing everyone a very happy new year!
2012 started with many weddings, the most important of them being Tanu’s. It was by far one of the most beautiful ceremonies I attended, and enjoyed. Tanu made a stunning bride and Akshay the perfect husband to her. tanaweddingMarch was a busy month with my friends visiting from Germany and Typography Day 2012 that was held at the Industrial Design Centre IIT, Bombay. I had the good opportunity of speaking about my Linotype internship and my first font family DIN Next Devanagari at the conference.The experience was mixed, I am quite scared of public speaking and was not easy to be facing a large audience, nonetheless I had a good time.
June was a fantastic month, I traveled a lot. Celebrating my birthday in Pondicherry was definitely a highlight of this year. I would like to thank the people who made my day so special. The trip that followed was also one of the most fun trips I’ve been to. It was amazing to walk around the cities of Bangalore and Chennai, raid book stores, talk to street painters, try calling type foundries. The temple city of Kumbakonam was mesmerizing, the Daraswaram temple is by far the most beautiful temple experiences I have had. Except for a few rough times in Chennai, I think this type trip was highly motivating; it encouraged me to learn more Indian scripts and hopefully design them someday.
July was again memorable as I travelled to London and Reading. The TDi course at the Department of Typography and Communication at the University of Reading was a very enriching experience. A very special thanks to Dan Rhatigan, Gerry Leonidas, Gerard Unger, Fiona Ross and everybody else who made this trip so wonderful. It was great to meet so many MATD students and see their work, a big hug to Dot Georgoulas! I got the opportunity to see some amazing archives at the department and the Monotype Imaging, Salfords office and get hands on feedback on some type design I started working on.
The festive season this year was also quite special, trip to Ratnagiri for Ganpati, a warm and happy Diwali with family. One of the highlights was definitely getting to decorate my room. From getting a bookshelf after much trouble, painting a wall to buying a trunk and lamps; I am very happy with the way it feels now, I’ve never had a better living space.
The year ended with a lot more weddings than it started with. Its always nice when people who mean a lot to you, celebrate their love. Kadams wedding was one such experience. Designing Kadam’s wedding card, being a part of wedding was all very special. I enjoyed being draped in sarees for all these weddings and wish all the newly married couples a very happy married life ahead! I have never worn more sarees than in these two months, and thoroughly enjoyed it!
The eventful year ended in an amazing new years celebration with some of my very dear friends. I can’t say enough how glad I am to have had Swati Dalvi here in Mumbai. I realize how special some relationships are and I have new regard for all these wonderful people in my life. My family is and will be the immense store of love and strength for me. They have proved to be such great parents time and again and they mean the world to me. Its been a great start to the year so far, with the release of my first font family DIN Next Devanagari and I am totally looking forward to the next year, I have a feeling its going to be good to me. So here’s wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! May the new year bring peace and happiness to all.


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