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DIN Next Devanagari

In the winter of 2010 I had the good fortune of interning with Linotype Design Studio. The experience was enriching on many levels, along with providing a profound introduction to type design it also was a great experience with the talented team at the design studio. As a part of the internship I began designing a Devanagari compliment to DIN Next, a popular typeface from the Linotype Library. This typeface was completed and released in 2012.


With the invaluable guidance of Akira Kobayashi it was quite an experience transferring the technical, somewhat cool and stencil-like character of DIN Next, to the Devanagari writing system. Five weights are available: Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Heavy. In addition to Devanagari, all weights also include the basic set of Latin characters.

The main challenge while designing the devanagari companion of DIN Next was the nature of the Latin, as opposed to that of the devanagari script. DIN Next is mono-linear and geometric, rooted in the German engineering design DIN 1451. Traditionally devanagari has been written with a reed pen and hence has an angular stroke. Simplifying details in the devanagari without having the script lose its character was one of the main concerns while designing. The attempt was not to ape or impose design features of the DIN Next on to the devanagari, instead retain the devanagari-ness and have a companion that shares an essence with the Latin and works harmoniously as a family.

DIN Next Devanagari is available for sale from the Linotype Library.


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  1. Hey Kimya,

    Just read the news about you in Maharashtra Times and searched you and landed here. What an amazing font!! Very very excellent. Liked. And liked the way you used Marathi and Hindi literature/news lines for font specimen. Keep it up. Hoping to see more fonts from you. Enjoyed.

    Vijaykumar Kakade

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