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I discovered my interest in letterforms sometime during my years at NIFT. As semesters passed by my passion only grew. My graduation concluded with me doing a project with Whitecrow Designs, where I designed a Latin typeface based on devanagari calligraphy. As a part of the project document I made a page where I added my name to a list of typeface designers I referenced from the Linotype webpage for Font Designers.

photo (7)

I went on to do an internship with them in the winter of 2010 and had the good fortune to meet and work with some extremely talented designers. My time there was an enriching experience for more reasons than one. Since then, I have enjoyed designing typefaces, learning, researching, travelling…

And so when I got to be actually listed on their website, it is exciting. It has been amazing doing what I have been, and there is so much more to learn in the years to come. Here’s hoping that I get to make my contribution to Indian type design.


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