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Leap month

The past month and a half have been the most craziest, busiest ever. So many things kept happening at the same time. From attending marathon weddings in Pune and Delhi, being a tourist guide, more weddings in Mumbai to preparing for Typography Day- its been really exciting and exhausting. With the end of Typography Day though, it was time for goodbyes and that’s always the sad part. So all the excitement is over and I have idle time to finish writing some posts I began writing before February.

I attended four weddings in two months ,which was really crazy. The awesome part was that I designed wedding invites for three out of them. Here are glimpses of the invitations.

This simple yet bright invite was made for my darling little sister, Tanaya. The electric blue peacock fold out with gold foiling has a bottle green insert that goes inside a gold shimmer tissue envelope.

This is an invite to my friend Kunal’ wedding that happened in Delhi. The laser cutting and assembly was done in Delhi and  Kunal took real pains to get this one together. The green gold cover is a laser cut frame that can be reused as a photo frame. The inserts are screen printed invitation cards on pink and purple metallic paper.

It has been amazing fun to be a part of these celebrations. The brightness and excitement of Indian weddings is almost unparalleled and infectious. Here’s wishing all the happy couples a wonderful married life ahead!

More about my crazy month in the next post…

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  1. Hey!

    I loved the electric blue peacock card you designed. My wedding is also peacock themed & this would be a great addition. Would you consider designing cards for my wedding?

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