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The wedding season is here again and I have some of my closest friends getting married in the months to come. I am really looking forward to all the fun that is to follow, for I have always loved weddings, more so the preparations that precede them.
I was super excited when Dhara asked me to design her wedding invite. There are very few things I know that match the passion that is Dhara Jain. She is a super talented art director and her enthusiasm is contagious. It has been an amazing experience designing with her. We were fairly clear about how the invite would be; it took us a few coffees to get to the actual design of the invite. We wanted to use less paper, and decided to do away with paper envelopes that end up siting in the trash bins of relatives eventually.
So here is what the invite looks like. I am very glad that it makes me and more importantly the bride very happy.

The main lettering is in the process of being converted into a typeface, which is called Deej, after the bride of course! Here are a few letters from the typeface.

Its been a lot of fun working on this invite and I look forward to working more on the typeface.

P.S. Dhara, thank you so much  for letting me do this, it means a lot.   🙂

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  1. Oh I soooo love it!!!
    Dying to send them ard. I must add that all of the cards is really ‘made by hand’ … Woooooofffsssss!!!! 😉
    Wait for ur invite guys 😉
    Kimya.. Xoxox!

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