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Back from a really short trip to Germany. It always feels like its too soon. Didn’t get to travel a lot this time but Typo Berlin Shift was such an amazing experience! My first international conference! It met all my expectations of being audience to some fantastic talks, meeting the nice type people and a great stay in Berlin! My top 10 things of the trip would be;

1.The unexpected good experience of Air India flight

2. The Mota Italic Gallery opening.

3. The talks by  František Štorm from Storm Type Foundry, April Grieman, Pierre Di Sciullo and Cristoph Niemann.

4. Buying my copy of Detail in Typography and getting it by signed by Jost Hochuli himself.

5. Visit to the Letter Museum and the Erik Spikermann Exhibit

6. Trip to Mainz and the Gutenberg shop near the Gutenberg Museum

7. Surreal Dinge at the Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt

8. Sitting on the banks of the Main with Flo

9. Writing on the whiteboard in the Linotype office

10. The Indian dinner with Maxi and Flo

and also reading books off Dan Reynold’s amazing bookshelf. I wonder if I could apply for a book keeping internship at his home office someday!


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  1. You should start writing MoMs (Minutes of Meetings) for long marathon meeting, the way you summarized the trip ! Baah ! Write more, lazy bones !

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