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Eventful Tuesday. First half of the day I attended the counselling session MH CET MD with a close friend in the Grant Medical College in the J J Hospital campus.  Took me back seven years when I attended a similar counselling. So much has changed since then. I was imagining how life would have been otherwise. But the situation I saw made me happy with where I am today. I definitely would not have liked to be a part of the mass of unhappy doctors.

Reasons so many. Very good ranks, confusion, greed. Good ranks, but not good enough, more confusion with jealousy. Average ranks, disappointment, friends with good ranks. And it goes on. I probably was the only person smiling as I sat in the Munnabhai- fame classroom as Aarati went through three stages of security before she finally filled her form. From what I heard there seems to be a need for so many doctors in Government hospitals. But the seats are so few that it creates cut throat competition and all the unhappiness. Then there is also the pathetic reality called caste reservations. Its sad to see future doctors, the saviours of life, make choices unhappily. How does one expect them to serve their patients in future? I hope the government increases seats and saves the plight of so many students willing to serve a noble profession.

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