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The yellow trunk

I enjoy doing my occasional illustrations, so when Madhura (my cousin) asked me to paint a trunk for her, I was more than happy to jump at the opportunity. The […]
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Lettering Time

I recently had the good fortune of being (in the slightest of ways) associated with the most wonderful of book projects. Time After Time is a 304-page graphic novel by […]
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Type Design Education

Cultivating learning environments and designing an approach to type design education in India India, home to vivid and beautiful scripts is one of the most ideal environments to study and […]
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Whenever I stroll down streets, I see around Settlements and lanes, buildings so many, Infinite windows there might be… Into a solid wall Of muted grey Through which cars glide […]
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to Santa with love…

Its was a boring Friday and I was procrastinating. No weekend plans to look forward to or anything. My favourite recent past time is looking at products on flipkart. So […]


I discovered my interest in letterforms sometime during my years at NIFT. As semesters passed by my passion only grew. My graduation concluded with me doing a project with Whitecrow […]
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DIN Next Devanagari

In the winter of 2010 I had the good fortune of interning with Linotype Design Studio. The experience was enriching on many levels, along with providing a profound introduction to […]
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For love with love

Its the season of weddings again, I have had a pleasure of attending one already. In the coming months there will be more to look forward to. The most important […]
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Leap month +

Along with attending weddings I played part-time tourist guide to some very dear friends visiting India for the very first time. It was interesting meeting people from various parts of […]
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Leap month

The past month and a half have been the most craziest, busiest ever. So many things kept happening at the same time. From attending marathon weddings in Pune and Delhi, […]
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